ISUFT 2016

List of Presentations:

1.Goods, Services and People Movement in North Central Texas

Speaker: Mr. Jeff Hathcock, USA

2.Testing and Performance Measures of the Demonstrator Freight Pipeline System for Bulk Products

Speaker: Dr. Carter Zhou, United Kingdom

3.A Study on Underground Container Freight Transport System of China National Convention and Exhibition Center

Speaker: Dr. Fan Yiqun, China

4.Moving Southern California Freight Underground Economically Cleans the Environment

Speaker: Mr. Richard Mueller, USA

5.Supper Large Scale Section Shield Machine Technology and Application for Cross-River Road Tunnel

Speaker: Mr. Jerry Yu, USA

6.Spatial Conflict between Port and City - A Case Study of Shanghai, China

Speaker: Dejun Hai, China

7.An Introduction to the Study on the Scheme of Urban Underground Container Logistics System in Shanghai

Speaker: Dr. Fan Yiqun, China

8.Trenchless Installation Methods

Speaker: Dr. Gerhard Lang, Germany

9.The Northampton Mole Project - A Case Study in the Application of Freight Pipelines in an Urban Environment

Speaker: Bob Silverthorne, United Kingdom

10.Geotechnical Considerations for Underground Freight Transport Alignments

Speaker: Mr. Mark Wilkerson, USA

11.Building Underground Freight Transportation Using the Subway Construction Experience

Speaker: Mr. Brink Weaver, Canada